Snow Red


Snow heard the shot and bolted, she saw a short man lurking in the woods in front of her. He dropped his gun and stepped back from it.

He stood there, enough emotion in his eyes to fill an army, Snow walked in a hurry over to the man and greeted him in open arms.

He hugged her back. Tears spilled down Snow’s cheeks and rubbed off onto his shirt.

” I am so sorry, I got caught before I reached our meeting place, I longed to sprint to you, but I had to be sneaky. ” Snow said through red eyes and tears

“You are forgiven.” He muttered, looking over at Snow’s mothers dead body, feeling guilty.

“You can do this, you may be a dwarf but you can still do anything.” Snow said reassuringly.

Tom wasn’t so sure. But he was now a criminal, risking his life just for a girl.

“Leave the gun, we must go.”

They went on no matter how Tom felt, he stashed the gun in his backpack, regardless of what Snow had told him. He might need it.

They started walking that night,  through the woods. Snows was smart, she knew not to leave traces or footprints, they stood on the rocks or if there weren’t any they would change track subtly so they wouldn’t notice when the POLICE came. And they would come. Snow knew it. Tom did to.

Tom knew he couldn’t live that life – what was left of it, he had thrown it all away to help a young and beautiful girl commit a crime.

Snow trusted Tom, she told him her plans and she had told him about her past.

When Snow was younger she fought with her parents a lot – she utterly and completely  loathed them. She made a plan – she would team up with somebody ( Tom ) get them to kill her Mum and they work together to kill her father. She became very interested in her fathers work – coming to help out everyday, asking the criminals questions in secret. She could then think like a criminal. After that her plan really set into action. Get caught running away – loure her mother out and kill her. Simple.

Tom could still see her face, her breath on the back of his neck,  her soft voice masking the unkind words like a cloak.

He was miles away now, she thinks he is getting food but no, he couldn’t stop now.

He stumbled over his left leg and decided he would hitch-hike from here. He put his thumb out feeling rather foolish. To his suprise somebody stopped.

He smiled at the car more than the occupant and hopped in.

They drove for a few minutes when the driver looked back at Tom. He stared back at none other than Snow White.

She interrogated him angrily, he lied with all his might – and then he was stuck with her again.

Snow White and The Dwarf Tom.

Once again reunited even if they didn’t want it – fate had decided.

The POLICE found them a day later sitting by the river.

“Wait, I’m innocent – I didn’t kill anyone, take him. I’m innocent I tell you!” Snow screamed at the POLICE.

“How could you do this, you are ruining my life!” Yelled Tom.

Tom went ballistic he was outraged and he wouldn’t let Snow get away with it. So. He put his finger in front of the trigger and pulled it.

Snow fell to the ground with a thump, the colour of blood was all Tom could see through tears.

Tom spent the rest of his life in jail, he died of old age in the end. Peter Snow’s father met someone else but he was never quite as happy.

And the gun, stayed with Snow’s body. Forever.  She was no longer Snow White, she was Snow Red.



I have never had a baby sister being the youngest so Charlie amazes me. She seems to find everything hilarious, and she is so so so so chubby 🙂  But she is so awesome and I love having her ❤ 

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It was a foggy, muggy evening when nothing was clear except her mission. The sound of police dogs were getting louder, and the clouds were illuminated with red and blue flashes. Traffic helicopters turned away from the roads and were directly overhead.

“Why, how, did I get in so much trouble?” Muttered Snow White.

She kept running although she was exhausted, she picked up her water bottle but her palms were so sweaty from running that it slipped straight out of her hands, after picking it up and pouring a single drop out, she threw it on the ground with frustration and kept walking.

A blue suit was blurry in the dark night around her but one thing stood out like a sore thumb, the word POLICE shone bright on a man’s suit.

She was surrounded but that didn’t stop her, the helicopter was directly above Snow and the ladder was dangling down almost touching her head.

She gave a sly grin and climbed up the ladder just high enough so the people in the chopper would not be able to see her and the POLICE couldn’t reach up to her. When she was accurately above the river she jumped, trying hard not to scream to alert the people hunting her. After all they were only just above her up in the chopper.

Swimming with great might Snow finally reached the edge of the river and got out, with her dress dripping with water. Her legs were so sore they felt broken, but she had done all this, she could not stop now. If she got caught her life would be over.

5 minutes of walking past but then POLICE came, she checked, no helicopters, but POLICE were in bunches everywhere. They took her arm in arm and led her to the car.

Snow looked out the window longingly of freedom but this was happening and she couldn’t stop it.

They took her home and put her in the custody of her parents. The POLICE left, all except one, he kissed Snow’s mother and she replied with:

“I was so worried about my precious daughter and my loving husband, but you are back now. Snow and Pete, my only family members But Pete dear go and change out of that horrid POLICE uniform.”

Once Snow’s father was in ordinary clothes they lectured her like she had expected, she put on a fake frown and to seal the deal a lie.

“I am truly sorry!” She lied.

Darkness fell upon the world and all the living things were asleep, except one.

Snow stood at the door, in her still damp dress, clutching a wool sweater from her mothers closet. She opened the door with not a sound coming from it and simply walked out.

“I’ll start by the woods, they’ll never find me there, I hope.” Whispered Snow White.

A door opened just behind her.

“Snow” Yelled Snow White’s upset mother.

A shot gun went off and the earth went quiet.



The End……I will post another ( sequel ) soon!!

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